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Hey everyone, I know I’ve been quite inactive this year on the blog, and to tell you the truth, this year has been the least amount of photography that I have done in my seven-year plus photography career.

The story about this photo:

Originally this was going to turn out to be just a normal blue hour photo of the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge with a section of the Austin skyline so I thought. However, some nice glow from sunset decided to stick around above the Lamar Boulevard Bridge, hence the title for this photo.

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pfluger-pedestrian-bridge-with-austin-skyline-July-2019-Watermark (1 of 1)

Single exposure with an added gradient filter in Lightroom, with the purpose of bringing out more of the glow from sunset in the left-hand side.

Austin Texas, The University of Texas at Austin

UT Main building with Marble Stairs Going Up.

A low angle perspective of the marble staircase that leads up to the landing of the Main Building at the University of Texas at Austin.

My main idea with this photo was to give the viewer the imagination of what lies beyond the staircase as if you were visiting the University of Texas at Austin for the first time.

UT-Tower-With-Stairs-Cropped-Version-Watermark (1 of 1)