You have to go with what is presented to you.

This post has to to do with landscape photography/cityscapes, though could go into other genres of photography as well.

I have been noticing a pattern this year were the photo I wanted to do was not there. Unfortunately, that is how life works.  We have a predetermined idea in what we may think the scene will turn out when we arrive at the location of our choice.

Like many photographers out there, I will admit that I would love a badass sunrise/sunset every opportunity that I can get, but in reality, is that really what we should be striving for?

Sure you can visit an iconic location or a popular local spot that has been photographed before, but there is always going to be an element that will throw you off, and you need to be able to improvise in that particular moment.

Recently one of my photos received a ton of recognition that I wasn’t expected. Full disclosure the concept for that photo was not pre-planned, it just so happened that’s the way that experience turned out.

You do have control over your composition and the editing that you choose, but you have no control whatsoever in regards to the lighting situation.

Focus on the former and not the latter.






Texas State Capitol

Texas State Capitol with Walking Path at Sunset: 2018

Just minutes after sunset, these vivid clouds could be seen lighting the Texas State Capitol building, as seen from the Senate side of the Capitol.

Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment.


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The Window at sunrise with early morning fog.

As I made my way to the trailhead of The Window, my eyes began to be drawn into the heavy morning fog (which is kind of hard to make out in this photo) that was forming at The Window itself.

There just so happen to be a boulder that was nearby to stand on, which gave me enough height to get over the treeline for a better view.

Looking back on this nearly a year and a half later, I’m really grateful for this image. The next morning, this landscape was engulfed with fog. The fog was so thick, that I ended up leaving the Chisos Basin altogether, and made my way to Balanced Rock.

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Austin Texas, austin texas skyline

Looking back at the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge at sunrise.

At the halfway point of the staircase to the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge, there is a nice little overlook that looks back on the bridge itself. This image was taken at sunrise, with no wind affecting the reflections.

I’m always amazed at how some images come out compared to others. This is a prime example of a view that I was not expecting the “wow” factor to come from. It just goes to show how much-unexpected beauty is out there to be discovered and photographed.



Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve: May 2015.

After several days of heavy rainfall, there was enough water flow from the creek above to help create this cascading waterfall.

Of all my visits to the preserve, I can say that I never remember it being any greener and fuller than on this visit.

This is a re-edit of some sorts. Slightly different composition, with the treeline being more properly exposed.

Thanks for looking!

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