Hey everyone, I know I’ve been quite inactive this year on the blog, and to tell you the truth, this year has been the least amount of photography that I have done in my seven-year plus photography career. The story about this photo: Originally this was going to turn out to be just a normalContinue reading “DAY TO NIGHT”

10 second exposure over Austin.

As the title indicates, this is a 10-second exposure of some fast moving clouds over the Austin skyline, which was taken just before sunset. This was shot from the same location that I took that blue hour photo from. Would have preferred more movement in the upper-right hand corner, but ultimately at the end ofContinue reading “10 second exposure over Austin.”

Pfluger Pedestrian bridge and Gables Park Tower at sunrise.

This photo comes from July 2016, but the previous edits on this image never satisfied me until now. This image comes  from the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge with the Gables Park Tower apartments at sunrise. Processing info: Single exposure with Lightroom 5.7 and On1 Photo RAW 2018.  

First Street bridge and Austin before Dawn.

The first of two photos that I took underneath the First Street bridge, with the skyline of Austin Texas at pre-dawn. For me, I like the variety of colors being dispersed throughout the sky of the image, along with the mirror like reflection of the skyline itself.