Up Around The Bend

This view of Colorado River (Texas) can be found from a not so well-known cliff overlook located down from the Pennybacker bridge. As the title indicates, this photo was indeed taken in (and above) the bend of the river at sunrise, with the added bonus of experiencing both views. One that includes the Pennybacker BridgeContinue reading “Up Around The Bend”


Hey everyone, I know I’ve been quite inactive this year on the blog, and to tell you the truth, this year has been the least amount of photography that I have done in my seven-year plus photography career. The story about this photo: Originally this was going to turn out to be just a normalContinue reading “DAY TO NIGHT”

10 second exposure over Austin.

As the title indicates, this is a 10-second exposure of some fast moving clouds over the Austin skyline, which was taken just before sunset. This was shot from the same location that I took that blue hour photo from. Would have preferred more movement in the upper-right hand corner, but ultimately at the end ofContinue reading “10 second exposure over Austin.”

Isamu Taniguchi Moon bridge under a Crape Myrtle Tree.

It’s no contest that the Isamu Taniguchi Moon bridge is by far the most recognizable attraction at Zilker Botanical Gardens. The majority of the time this bridge is photographed from the other end, and I admit I found the idea for this composition via google search. For processing this time, I chose to go withContinue reading “Isamu Taniguchi Moon bridge under a Crape Myrtle Tree.”

UT Main building with Marble Stairs Going Up.

A low angle perspective of the marble staircase that leads up to the landing of the Main Building at the University of Texas at Austin. My main idea with this photo was to give the viewer the imagination of what lies beyond the staircase as if you were visiting the University of Texas at AustinContinue reading “UT Main building with Marble Stairs Going Up.”

Your style is constantly changing, and that’s a good thing.

Today’s post is about the constantly evolving of one’s style and artistic preferences. I am going to share the same photo, but edited in different time periods of my career. Time-and-time again, a lot of artists play it way too safe, and I hope the one thing you get from the post, is to doContinue reading “Your style is constantly changing, and that’s a good thing.”

Austin Texas skyline 2018.

For years, if you ever walked along the Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail at Lady Bird Lake (before the renovations) there was a lack of vantage points of the skyline for pedestrians or photographers. Basically, the majority of the compositions were taken from some pretty awkward obtuse angles along the banks of the lakeContinue reading “Austin Texas skyline 2018.”

Pfluger Pedestrian bridge at blue hour.

On a cold and cloudy winter morning, a couple of Austin’s high rises shine brightly into Lady Bird lake. The location for which this image was taken, can be easily accessed from the hike and bike trail. Thanks for looking.

Pfluger Pedestrian bridge and Gables Park Tower at sunrise.

This photo comes from July 2016, but the previous edits on this image never satisfied me until now. This image comes  from the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge with the Gables Park Tower apartments at sunrise. Processing info: Single exposure with Lightroom 5.7 and On1 Photo RAW 2018.  

Texas State Capitol with Walking Path at Sunset: 2018

Just minutes after sunset, these vivid clouds could be seen lighting the Texas State Capitol building, as seen from the Senate side of the Capitol. Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment.  

Lone Cypress meets the Violet Crown.

This single cypress tree that hangs over the edge of the Pennybacker (360) bridge, is seen here with the morning phenomenon known to Austinites as the “Violet Crown”. From what I have been able to find, The Violet Crown has been linked to one of O. Henry’s short stories that were published by Rolling Stone inContinue reading “Lone Cypress meets the Violet Crown.”

First Street bridge at sunrise.

While I was setting up for this photo, I started noticing the color of the water and sky bursting into different shades of pinks and reds, which helped contribute to the already ongoing sunrise from underneath the First Street bridge in downtown Austin Texas. Depending on water levels for Lady Bird lake, this location canContinue reading “First Street bridge at sunrise.”