Early Morning at the Great Walk

From the South Congress Avenue entrance, The Texas State Capitol shines brightly (along with it’s light fixtures and benches) about 20 minutes before sunrise.

The area that this image is taken from, is known as the Great Walk. This walkway is 25 feet wide and 500 foot long, which leads you to the south steps of the Capitol building.

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Mesquite tree with Bluebonnets: Willow City Loop.

While driving along the iconic Willow City Loop, I found this mesquite tree that caught my attention. This area around the Mesquite tree included a variety of spring wild flowers, that most noticeably the Texas bluebonnet and phlox flower.

The area in front and beyond the mesquite tree is private land, so I did my best with the limited space to work with. As one can see in the background, there is a sea of bluebonnets near the waters edge, with a patch of early morning fog rising to the right in this photo.

mesquite-tree-bluebonnets-willow-city-web (1 of 1)

Late afternoon under the Pfluger pedestrian bridge.

Cloudy afternoon photo of the James D. Pfluger pedestrian bridge, with a section of the Austin high rises. Prior to my arrival, the majority of the day included high humidity and soupy like cloud cover, very warm in color haze like conditions.

Around three in the afternoon, the clouds finally started to break up, so I decided to take my chances and head downtown

The moments for sunshine were quite brief, with small time frames of cloud cover and sunshine overlapping one another. The particular moment that I like to best remember is what this image displays. Warm sunshine illuminating under both bridges, with the sun lighting sections of the high rises in the distant background.

pfluger pedestrian bridge.

Turkey Peak with bluebonnets.

As I searched around Enchanted Rock State Park for a scene that included Texas bluebonnets, I came upon this view of Turkey Peak and most noticeably this area that included the iconic Texas wildflower.

This photo also includes rocky terrain, which displays the pink granite that this Texas State Park is known for. These two elements combined make for a quite a striking scene.

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