The Gazebo at Lady Bird lake at Sunrise.

I have passed this Gazebo numerous times on my way to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue, but it never crossed my mind to actually stop to photograph. This may be due in large part to the fact that this pond (and it’s water level) were most recently added to this area, after years of much needed renovations.

As I made my way back from Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue, I stopped to look at the newly added addition that I ignored for so many years. The wind was calm, and the sky finally opened up to reveal shades of pinks and purples.


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Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve: May 2015.

After several days of heavy rainfall, there was enough water flow from the creek above to help create this cascading waterfall.

Of all my visits to the preserve, I can say that I never remember it being any greener and fuller than on this visit.

This is a re-edit of some sorts. Slightly different composition,with the treeline being more properly exposed.

Thanks for looking!

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Texas State Capitol with Summertime Flowers.

The Texas State Capitol in mid-afternoon with a flower bed of assorted wildflowers.

Even at 12 mm, I was unable to get the entire flower bed in frame. To solve this composition dilemma, I opted for the right side of the frame which contained more flowers, and did my best to balance out the rest of this photo.

Although this flower bed is year round, the spring and summer months are a better time to witness this view.

Tx-Capitol-with-Flower-Bed-June-17-Watermark (1 of 1)

The Boardwalk Trail at sunset: June 2015.

I took this sunset photo nearly two years ago at The Boardwalk at Lady Bird lake.

As soon as I arrived, there wasn’t much promise in regards to the sky, but soon after my arrival, some leftover clouds decided to roll in just in time for sunset.

The orange and pink hues from those late afternoon clouds really help bring to life this cityscape image, otherwise this image would have fell flat.

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Texas Cowboy Monument with Purple clouds.

Of all the monuments on the South Grounds , this is probably one of the most unique sculptures of them all. This Texas Cowboy monument is surrounded by a assortment of wildflowers, with the background of the glowing Capitol building.

This is a 8 second exposure,with the goal in mind of getting some movement above the Capitol dome. I also wanted to include the concrete path that go’s around the sculpture itself.

The most difficult part of this image was setting up, for the fact that I had to setup in the bank of a hill (I did my best not to get to flustered) while trying to focus on the surrounding elements of the landscape.

Tx-Capitol-And-Cowboy-Statue-August-2016-Websize (1 of 1)

Pennybacker bridge with it’s Reflection.

Lately I have been scouting out  for more interesting compositions of the Pennybacker (360 Bridge Overlook) bridge in West Austin, and this view seem to have all the elements in one. This view is not hard to get to, it’s just a little ways down from the north west scenic overlook.

The key objects you want to look out for, are a couple of cypress trees growing out from the cliff overlooks themselves. After that, your going to want to go beyond those cypress trees, which will give way to spectacular views of the Pennybacker bridge and the Austin skyline looking east.

360-bridge-at-blue-hour-watermark (1 of 1)

Purple clouds above 360.

This is a scene that I photographed in July of 2015, of some early morning clouds racing above the Pennybacker bridge in West Austin. This comes from the lesser known overlook, that can be found directly below the more well known view for which this location is known for.

I am also going to include a before after photo showing  the digital processing, which was all done in Lightroom with one exposure. Also for the first time, I am going to explain the techniques that bring me to my final look.


Before and After shot with processing techniques explained.


As you can see the before photo is blown out and is quite boring to say the least. I ended up dropping the exposure to almost one stop which ended up at around  -0.71.  Then I did my usual workflow which includes pulling in highlights to -100, and lifting the shadows to +100.

Then using the shift key and double clicking on the white and the blacks, I developed a proper black and white point for this image.

After that, I grab a graduated cylinder to help bring out more details in the clouds. I lighted the greens in front, and darkened the blues and purples in the background.

I then finished this photo off with a slight vignette to draw the viewers eyes into the middle of the photo.

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