First Street bridge and Austin before Dawn.

The first of two photos that I took underneath the First Street bridge, with the skyline of Austin Texas at pre-dawn.

For me, I like the variety of colors being dispersed throughout the sky of the image, along with the mirror like reflection of the skyline itself.

first-street-bridge-at-night-copyright (1 of 1)



The Gazebo at Lady Bird lake at Sunrise.

I have passed this Gazebo numerous times on my way to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue, but it never crossed my mind to actually stop to photograph. This may be due in large part to the fact that this pond (and it’s water level) were most recently added to this area, after years of much needed renovations.

As I made my way back from Stevie Ray Vaughan’s statue, I stopped to look at the newly added addition that I ignored for so many years. The wind was calm, and the sky finally opened up to reveal shades of pinks and purples.


The-Gazebo-At-Lady-Bird-Lake-At-Sunrise-Copyright (1 of 1)