First Street bridge at sunrise.

While I was setting up for this photo, I started noticing the color of the water and sky bursting into different shades of pinks and reds, which helped contribute to the already ongoing sunrise from underneath the First Street bridge in downtown Austin Texas.

Depending on water levels for Lady Bird lake, this location can be easily accessed, or inaccessible due to the temporary low lying shoreline being submerged in water. It’s one of those views that can be more complementary for locals, than tourists.

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Looking back at the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge at sunrise.

At the halfway point of the staircase to the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge, there is a nice little overlook that looks back on the bridge itself. This image was taken at sunrise, with no wind affecting the reflections.

I’m always amazed at how some images come out compared to others. This is a prime example of a view that I was not expecting¬† the “wow” factor to come from. It just goes to show how much unexpected beauty is out there to be discovered and photographed.


The Boardwalk Trail at sunset: June 2015.

I took this sunset photo nearly two years ago at The Boardwalk at Lady Bird lake.

As soon as I arrived, there wasn’t much promise in regards to the sky, but soon after my arrival, some leftover clouds decided to roll in just in time for sunset.

The orange and pink hues from those late afternoon clouds really help bring to life this cityscape image, otherwise this image would have fell flat.

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