Late afternoon under the Pfluger pedestrian bridge.

Cloudy afternoon photo of the James D. Pfluger pedestrian bridge, with a section of the Austin high rises. Prior to my arrival, the majority of the day included high humidity and soupy like cloud cover, very warm in color haze like conditions.

Around three in the afternoon, the clouds finally started to break up, so I decided to take my chances and head downtown

The moments for sunshine were quite brief, with small time frames of cloud cover and sunshine overlapping one another. The particular moment that I like to best remember is what this image displays. Warm sunshine illuminating under both bridges, with the sun lighting sections of the high rises in the distant background.

pfluger pedestrian bridge.


Stevie Ray Vaughan statue: October 2015

From a calm and cool October morning, this image of electric blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan’s iconic memorial is captured around sunrise.

In the distance is the continuous construction that looms over the downtown skyline area (which in time) will completely change the scenery and view of downtown Austin from the shores of Lady Bird lake.

Hopefully soon I will be out at this location again, to get a newer and fresher perspective of this now iconic tourist location.

Thanks for looking.

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stevie-ray-vaughan-statue-october-2015-final-watermark (1 of 1)