Purple clouds above 360.

This is a scene that I photographed in July of 2015, of some early morning clouds racing above the Pennybacker bridge in West Austin. This comes from the lesser known overlook, that can be found directly below the more well known view for which this location is known for.

I am also going to include a before after photo showing  the digital processing, which was all done in Lightroom with one exposure. Also for the first time, I am going to explain the techniques that bring me to my final look.


Before and After shot with processing techniques explained.


As you can see the before photo is blown out and is quite boring to say the least. I ended up dropping the exposure to almost one stop which ended up at around  -0.71.  Then I did my usual workflow which includes pulling in highlights to -100, and lifting the shadows to +100.

Then using the shift key and double clicking on the white and the blacks, I developed a proper black and white point for this image.

After that, I grab a graduated cylinder to help bring out more details in the clouds. I lighted the greens in front, and darkened the blues and purples in the background.

I then finished this photo off with a slight vignette to draw the viewers eyes into the middle of the photo.

Thanks for visiting my photo blog today.


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