Published in Texas Professional Photographer Magazine.

white-sands-dune-formation-for-web (1 of 1)

White Sands National Monument : New Mexico

I was recently published a few weeks ago in Texas Professional Photographer Magazine for my landscape photography!

This all came about two months ago when I was contacted by the editor from this magazine, asking if I would like for my work to be featured for a landscape photography article that would later be titled “inside the mind of a Landscape Photographer” which I  graciously accepted.

The two images that you see in this blog post, were published for that article.

This article goes into depth about how I ended up in my photography career, why landscapes ended up becoming my photography niche, and I give some career advice for those out there who want to pursue a career in landscape photography.

Please feel free to read this article in its entirety at

It’s the Dec/Jan 2016 edition which can found by clicking the archives tab, or just click on the current magazine cover.

Thank you all for those who have visited my blog this year, I will back again in 2016 to continue sharing more Austin and Texas landscape photos!

texas-capitol-path-august-2015-final-watermark (1 of 1)

Texas Capitol Grounds.


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