Autumn in Gruene:2015

A furious Guadalupe river is seen here, from the low water  crossing in Gruene Texas.

For the last couple years, I have made an annual visit back to this spot, to photograph the changing autumn foliage that is represented by the signature Spanish moss. However, this year was different from years past.

As one can see, a majority of that moss was washed away by the heavy Texas fall rains. This led to focus my attention to the river.

This photo was quite difficult to photograph. The early morning light was quite harsh, and would not give up. I ended up having to wait a considerable amount of time for it to let up, to be able to make sure that my final image would not have any annoying lens flare subjects.

While waiting for the light to let down, I ended up going to the other side of the low water bridge, to see if there was anything that might catch my eye. Though I did find some potential shots that included a cypress tree stump (along with the flowing Guadalupe) the leftover debris left from the recent floods was quite distracting.

Ironically (when I returned) the light did in fact let up, and I returned back to my original composition, which is the image for this post.


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