Lone Cypress tree across the flooding Perdernales River.

cypresstree-pedernales-autumn14-copyright (1 of 1)

This “Lone” Cypress tree is a pretty well recognized location at Pedernales Falls State Park, which is the main focal point for this photograph. Typically when I make a visit, I make sure this is one of the first subjects I scout out for photo opportunities.

Originally, my goal was to photograph fall colors, but soon realized that all my focus had shifted to the roaring Pedernales river.  Two days of heavy rains made previous sought out locations near impossible to reach.

For this view, I found the closest/safest ideal spot  to set up my tripod without putting myself into any imminent danger of the fast water currents shown in the foreground.

I used a telephoto lens to zoom in more closely on the two granite boulders in the middle of the river, without losing any water subjects in the process.

The Lone Cypress anchors the photo at the top, and also gives the fall color that I was looking for.

Thanks for looking- Will


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