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Up Around The Bend

This view of Colorado River (Texas) can be found from a not so well-known cliff overlook located down from the Pennybacker bridge.

As the title indicates, this photo was indeed taken in (and above) the bend of the river at sunrise, with the added bonus of experiencing both views. One that includes the Pennybacker Bridge and the skyline of downtown Austin looking east, and the second view (the one your seeing here) looking at west Austin.

sunrise-from-overlook-near-pennybacker-bridge-watermark (1 of 1)


YouTube Tutorial’s

Today I am officially launching my own tutorial channel on YouTube. As much as I like to blog, I feel like I do a lot more good with video tutorials than I can on here. However, I will continue sharing photos from time-to-time.

I only have one video up so far, and the subject is about workflow with Lightroom only. My goal, for the time being, is going to try to get a least one or two tutorials up monthly.


You have to go with what is presented to you.

This post has to to do with landscape photography/cityscapes, though could go into other genres of photography as well.

I have been noticing a pattern this year were the photo I wanted to do was not there. Unfortunately, that is how life works.  We have a predetermined idea in what we may think the scene will turn out when we arrive at the location of our choice.

Like many photographers out there, I will admit that I would love a badass sunrise/sunset every opportunity that I can get, but in reality, is that really what we should be striving for?

Sure you can visit an iconic location or a popular local spot that has been photographed before, but there is always going to be an element that will throw you off, and you need to be able to improvise in that particular moment.

Recently one of my photos received a ton of recognition that I wasn’t expected. Full disclosure the concept for that photo was not pre-planned, it just so happened that’s the way that experience turned out.

You do have control over your composition and the editing that you choose, but you have no control whatsoever in regards to the lighting situation.

Focus on the former and not the latter.






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Hey everyone, I know I’ve been quite inactive this year on the blog, and to tell you the truth, this year has been the least amount of photography that I have done in my seven-year plus photography career.

The story about this photo:

Originally this was going to turn out to be just a normal blue hour photo of the Pfluger Pedestrian bridge with a section of the Austin skyline so I thought. However, some nice glow from sunset decided to stick around above the Lamar Boulevard Bridge, hence the title for this photo.

Thanks for looking. Please free to leave a comment.

pfluger-pedestrian-bridge-with-austin-skyline-July-2019-Watermark (1 of 1)

Single exposure with an added gradient filter in Lightroom, with the purpose of bringing out more of the glow from sunset in the left-hand side.


When we emulate other artist’s, we are restricting ourselves.

Today’s post does not contain a photo, but from time to time,  I like to blog about certain career insecurities that may benefit other artists out there.

I would say the first couple of years of my photography career, I tried to emulate a handful of other artist’s that inspired me at the time.

What I would soon find out (through trial and error) was that I stumbled upon my own style to a fault through the means of experimenting with different sliders or filters. Granted a few youtube tutorials here and there, that helped along the way.

This practice allowed me to feel more comfortable from moving on from the artist’s that I was failing miserably trying to emulate.

For me personally, processing each image is determined on what the scene is trying to convey (feeling) in that particular moment of time, with the added intuition and input of the artist.

Different filters are going to complement certain subjects over others. Don’t be afraid to test the limits, and don’t second guess your decisions.

Where all going to come to a conclusion that makes sense for us.




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10 second exposure over Austin.

As the title indicates, this is a 10-second exposure of some fast moving clouds over the Austin skyline, which was taken just before sunset. This was shot from the same location that I took that blue hour photo from.

Would have preferred more movement in the upper-right hand corner, but ultimately at the end of the day, one needs to be happy with the results they come back with.

ATX-Skyline-Long-Exposure-Final-2018-Social-Media (1 of 1)

Nikon D5200, 12-24mm Nikkor, f/8, 14mm, Promaster 77mm Variable Neutral Density Filter.


Austin Texas, Uncategorized, Zilker Botanical Garden.

Isamu Taniguchi Moon bridge under a Crape Myrtle Tree.

It’s no contest that the Isamu Taniguchi Moon bridge is by far the most recognizable attraction at Zilker Botanical Gardens.

The majority of the time this bridge is photographed from the other end, and I admit I found the idea for this composition via google search.

For processing this time, I chose to go with a very heavy vignette in Perfect Effects 10.5 so the bridge could stand out a bit more.

Thanks for looking.

Isamu-Taniguchi-Bridge-With-Bamboo-Forest-Watermark (3 of 1)